Your website needs attention...Yes constant attention


As important as it is to create a good website, it is that important to maintain it properly. Without proper maintenance, it is bound to make your customers lose interest for trends are changing like every day. It is not possible for you to maintain the website considering the work you already have on your shoulders.


The best choice would be to outsource it to an organization that specializes in website maintenance services. While you browse through, 99Infotech will be the best website maintenance company in terms of both efficiency and economy. That is our speciality, something that we are quite proud of.


Benefits of our maintenence service
When you hire the our Services, you do get all the perks you deserve. Here are few of those:

* Keeps your steadfast Customer with you Always.
* Places you in the main seat having all the most recent elements and adaptability in site.
* No vicinity of bug.
* Stays aware of program redesigns subsequently dependably program good.
* keeps up with Mobile OS release hence always Cross-Platform Compatible.
* Keeping the functionality of the website UP-TO-DATE.
* Removing any BROKEN links if present.
* Keeping everything UP-TO-DATE on the site, functionality wise.


Like you, your web pages need to stay fresh and happening!

Our maintenance team is highly skilled and professional in what they do. They regularly update software and change the user interface every now and then to keep boredom at bay. You can also contact us for website redesign. So, with the assurance that your site is in the safest hands, you can continue working on your company’s goals and targets.


Once the website is up it is essential to keep it running smoothly.  Proper maintenance is the key element for a successful website. Our team keeps a tab of your website, offers technical support and ensures that you get targeted results. You can bank upon the experience and expertise of our highly dedicated engineers. Our team would assist you at every step with their unending support



Software maintenance
99infotech maintenance is a support service that ensures the stability of Software Applications and IT systems according to the client’s Operational requirements and provides System enhancements at the client’s request.

Benefits of our maintenence service
99infotech, a leading software and IT services provider has been providing competent Software Maintenance and Support service packages to global organizations and independent software vendors for over a Decade. Software maintenance team at 99infotech is dedicated in the areas of Version Upgrade, Database & Language Migration, Porting, Re-Engineering and Functionality & Version Upgrades amongst others.

99infotech software maintenance provides the following services for software systems:

* Preventive Services for software systems:
- refurbishing
- re-engineering
- refining
- repairing

* Routine Software Maintenance Services:
- system performance check-ups
- testing
- minor repairs and similar activities

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